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Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW)

A slave-like situation with responsibility not only for children / elderly but indefinite destiny of cooking and cleaning all the other household chores? Get FDW to help you

Foreign Worker (EP / SP / WP)

Having budget constraint, yet need employees to boost your business? Get foreign worker who can contribute meaningful idea to make your organization unique in this niche market

Local Placement

Tired of going through interview with perfect stranger from different background? Talk to us! Let us know your requirements and will do our best to pre-screen the candidate for you

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Our Services

Deployment of Migrant Domestic Helper(MDW)

We provide end to end service in deploying domestic helpers from Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar with relevant experience or background to suit your needs. This covers the following:

  • 1) Work permit application
  • 2) Medical check up
  • 3) Documentation in MDW’s home country
  • 4) Air ticketing to fly the MDW to Singapore
  • 5) Insurance and security bond
  • 6) Settling in Program(for first time MDW working in Singapore)
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